Do You Remember the Idika brothers Who Lost One Leg Each? They Can Now Walk Again, Thanks To YorochiTv

The Idika brothers (Chidi and Andres) are the only Sons of a hardworking Single Mother know as Mrs Mary Idika, Story has that Chidi and his brother Andres was on their way back from the farm before the ugly incident that lead to them losing one leg each Occured resulting to the use of clutches to aid them in walking.

Mr Mary Idika (Chidi & Andres Mum)

Idika brothers with Yorochi Obi

On a faithful Day which happens to Andres Birthday, the Celebrant made a post in a group managed by a social media Influencer in the person of Yorochi Obi, popularly called Ichie by Yorochian who are member of the popular group "YorochiTv Facebook Community".

In his post He made mention of wanting to walk again that getting a prosthetic leg for him will make him walk again.

Fews days after his birthday influencer Yorochi Obi suggested to his group about getting a prosthetic leg for Andres and took the project upon himself in which within 24 hours was able able to get the total sum of N900,000 from group members and well wishers.

In addition Yorochian Decided to make the Joy of the single Mother Complete by deciding to also raise funds for Andres Brother and Yorochians key in to the idea and the journey of raising N2,000,000 (Two Million Naira) began.

The project was Hash tagged "AndresandChidiWillWalk"  and behold Yorochians did it in less than 48 hours and the Total Sum of N2,000,000 was raised.

Chidi and Andres in a hospital

At long last Yorochians Did it.
YorochiTv Facebook Community Did it.
YorochiTv Did it.
Yorochi Obi Did it.
Chidi and Adres worked again.
Mrs Mary Idika joy is complete.
The project was a huge success.
Yorochians made a history

Chidi and Andres are walking again

Yorochians made it happen

Yorochi Obi crafted it

And Finally thanks to Yorochi Facebook Community